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Doctor's Choice Plush by Denver Mattress Group

A unique combination of support and comfort, at a price that won't keep you up at night! Featuring Plush comfort, Pressure-Response Zoned Coils and High Density 1.8lb foam, the Doctor's Choice gently cradles your body while you sleep, helping to eliminate pressure points and tossing and turning. High Density Foam: One of the key components of a Doctor's Choice mattress is high-density foam that measures 1.8lbs, as opposed to other mattresses that are only 1.1-1.5 lbs. in density. This difference helps ensure "pressure point elimination," especially in the hip and side areas of the body. Additionally, it increases the durability of the mattress, so it lasts longer. Price: Because Denver Mattress makes all of their high quality mattresses themselves, in their own state-of-the-art facilities, they are able to offer factory direct savings of up to 50%, compared to other major mattress brands. This is why Denver Mattress is able to provide a better mattress, made from better materials, for a better price. The Perfect Edge®: Another feature of the Doctor's Choice mattress is the foam edge, which lets you take complete advantage of the full, edge-to-edge, sleeping surface. This means you never have to feel like you're sliding off the side, or sinking into the middle, again. Pressure Response Coils: Doctor's Choice mattresses utilize Pressure Response coils engineered with alternating right-turn and left-turn construction. This creates a perfect balance of support and pressure point elimination. While you sleep, the mattress adjusts to your body, and reduces capillary cutoff, improving spinal alignment. This results in reduced tossing and turning, so you get a better nights rest.
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